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The Avaya Academy Experience


The Avaya Academy Experience
The Avaya Academy Experience

The Avaya Academy Experience, Leaving University is an uncertain time. When I left, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do, but I knew what I wanted for my career. When I applied for Avaya, I had just finished my degree in English Literature, was doing an internship in marketing for an online pharmacy, and managing a small kitchen in a pub. 

    I wasn’t particularly pointed towards a certain career path, but I felt the pub job wasn’t for me, and I knew that I wanted to go into a career that would give me ample opportunity for growth and development. 

    I came across the job posting on LinkedIn and at first, I wasn’t sure there was a place for me at Avaya with my English degree, but after having a look at the website and seeing the charities that Avaya aids, the support of woman in tech, and the company ethics it seemed that communication, and a strong writing ability were very much front and central to the organization.

    From my very first day I was a trusted, respected part of the Avaya community. The training itself was dynamic and engaging, on the first day I met my fellow Academy Associates from the international region. Connecting with them from Madrid, Ireland, Dubai, India, and the Philippines. 

    Over the first three months we listened as experienced professionals gave us insight into their specialism, and the communications industry. 

    We worked in teams across countries to present to senior managers, as well as sitting in customer meetings, and assisting our managers. Within my first two months I presented a demonstration of our solutions at an industry event, it made me realize that I did know what I was talking about, and the feedback from my manager helped my confidence to grow immensely. 

    And, by a few months in I was giving demonstrations frequently in front of large groups of both customers and partners. I have now been with Avaya for six months; I have sat in Enterprise level meetings, presented to customers and vice presidents, I have conducted research that has been the backbone of go-to-market strategies, and I have achieved more than I thought I could in six months. 

    I have had endless support from my manager, and the community in the local office, and from my fellow Academy Associates around the world which has created an environment where failure is not a fear, and my development is encouraged above all.

    The culture is something to be proud of, every October is the month of giving in which employees give their time, money, and effort into raising funds for a cause close to their hearts. In the Guildford office we raised money for The British Heart Foundation with a nerf war in the office, and we raised the most out of all the teams internationally!

    All skills have a place at Avaya. The Academy is an excellent opportunity for development in dynamic and evolving company. I would recommend the Academy to anyone who is looking for a career to get stuck into, where your work makes a difference from day one, you are given real responsibility, and are a key part of the path to innovation.

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